Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lust for Lustig—You Must Attend “William Lustig Presents”!!!

If you exist anywhere near the NYC area, do yourself a favor and check out “William Lustig Presents” at the essential and incomparable Anthology Film Archives (where I had my own Biker Movie Fest, “Chrome, Scum and Celluloid,” in the early 1990s—so you know they’re good).
The current Lustig series started on November 9, and runs to November 27.

This is the fourth year in a row where Lustig, director of such cult classics as Maniac, Uncle Sam and the Maniac Cop series—
and founder of the excellent Blue Underground DVD releasing house—as well as the nephew of infamous boxer Jake LaMotta!—has brought hard-to-find B-movie action, horror and other genre flicks; recreating the Grindhouse atmosphere in the Heart of Art!

In November, Big Bad Bill is bringing back super-ultraviolent mercenary picture Dark of the Sun, a favorite of mine (poster detail at top, and wow, isn't that the coolest poster art ever? Who wouldn't want to see that picture? Not me, pal, no sir!), and is also including three more Jim Brown flicks, the rare Boris Karloff/Michael Reeves movie The Sorcerers (1967)—and more!

On Saturday night, I watched the very weird The Traveling Executioner (1970; Jack Smight), starring a young, tirelessly scenery-chewing Stacy Keach (who is reunited with his Brewster McCloud co-star Bud Cort),
and on Sunday afternoon, I caught the ultra-groovy-covered-in-magic-space-drapes “James Bond in Outer Space” piece of stupid fun from 1965 Italy,
The Wild, Wild Planet—love that title! It’s an often incompetent flick, but such a blast! (Poster at bottom)

Meanwhile grindhouse god Lustig is attending many screenings, and is very approachable—within reason, of course. He's done great shows in the past, and there's no reason this won't be the same. 
He’s an encyclopedia of info, about movies, Hollywood, crime, gossip and all the other good things in life.

If you’re interested in the Cinema of Weirdness in any way, shape or form, there will be something at “William Lustig Presents” that will interest you—Go!

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