Tuesday, April 7, 2015


No Apologies!

While I wish I had a better publishing schedule for LERNER INTERNATIONAL, I don’t.
Graduate school keeps a body very busy, and sacrifices must be made.
Busy doesn’t come close to describing the situation. Punch-drunk and dizzy is more like it.
But I’m learning so much and getting so much experience.
I’m aiming at becoming a teacher of writing and composition to adult learners, and have been doing more than just schoolwork: I’m tutoring students at the writing center, and occasionally being a TA for a class of freshman.

That said, I haven’t been doing any reading for fun, and movie watching is few and far between.
I think I saw more films in one week in January (during the break) than I have in the last two months (and these were some of the worst times of the winter; stuck indoors—perfect movie viewing weather—if you don’t have a gazillion pages of linguistic theory to read and annotate…).
List and brief descriptions below the break…