Saturday, September 20, 2014


On the Legalization of Cosplay in the United States and How That Would Positively Impact Crime Rates in North America

The legalization of cosplay would reduce crime by smashing an existing status quo where billions of taxpayer dollars are spent and thousands of lives ruined in the pursuit of an unobtainable objective.

Government resources that could be better utilized elsewhere—including our nation’s local police departments—are misspent trying to control and/or eradicate an activity the majority of Americans want legalized: In October 2013, for the first time since Gallup began asking the question in 1969, more Americans (58% of those polled) favored legalization of cosplay.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

L.I.E. #115: LIBRARY ROULETTE! And What’s Been Seen So Far In September!

Let’s talk about LIBRARY ROULETTE!

Many of the movies (that is, DVDs) I watch are via the blessed New York Public Library (NYPL), but not so much from me wandering the stacks hoping to find what I want—to heck with that! I’m a (self)important man; I have things to do, places to be!
Besides the Hamilton Grange branch of the NYPL, on 145th Street—as awesome as it is—doesn’t always have what I want.

But you can go to the NYPL’s website, and after you register, you can place holds on DVDs—which is what I do!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Perhaps the Ancient Astronauts Are NOT Our Friends…

They always land in the desert. Maybe they like the heat...

You’ve heard about it, and probably scoffed—
In a (ahem) nut-shell,

Ancient Astronaut Theory is the idea that “Space Gods” came to Earth, worked some of their tech-so-advanced-it-looks-like-magic on some apes, jumpstarting their DNA towards the big-brained critters that we are today.

This is a Venusian from an episode of
"The Outer Limits."
Venus has sulfuric acid rain and is
hot enough on the surface to melt
lead. What our planet will be one day
The believers, like Erich von Däniken, the author of Chariots of the Gods? (don’t forget the question mark!), add on that these hyper-intelligent, galaxy-crossing beings used to return every now and then, and check up on us—helping the Egyptians build the pyramids, the Incas with their Nazca Lines landing strips and showing the Mayans how to invent TV.

I won’t go into that stuff too much, because many others have covered it better, but I am looking at this in a way I don’t think others have.
Please read on…

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Return of the Reviews! The Films (& Books) of June & August

So, what the heck have I been up to?
Six months of intense and hellish training to be a prison guard to the young folks, that’s what: I was in the bowels of the edjoomakashun system, lorded over by a series of Dolores Umbridges—which thankfully in the long run, I was rejected for—
“Let’s use brutal, militaristic techniques to keep the young’uns in line, to make them good little worker bees—oh, there’s no jobs and poverty creates a toxic stress environment as well as cycle of defeat? Not to mention the learned helplessness where folks say, ‘Why bother to try and improve when the dice are loaded, the cards marked and the game is rigged right from the start?’ Well that’s not our problem….”

Basically it was like dealing with the students of Mao’s Cultural Revolution: Obey or die!

Here’s the thing: these Umbridges claim to “love the children,” but I believe they only do so in the most abstract way….
But I’ve burned enough bridges already…
One day I will go into further detail—but today is not that day—today is September 1, and it’s the start of the final quarter of 2014, and it’s a new page in my life.
Getting my ducks in a row, looking forward, and NEVER giving up. The only way you’re going to stop me is by chopping off my head—and then you better watch out: the Gypsy said if that happens, my right hand with come after you…and avenge me.

Now, onto the movie reviews! (Most of which will be very short; I just wanna get this one out of the way—break the silence, and get back on track…)