Saturday, August 8, 2015

JULY @)!% (Get It?)

Y’know, I don’t include the baseball games I go to…

I have not had the motivation to WRITE like I used to.
But I won’t whine about it; I don’t need to guilt-trip myself.
A ton of movies absorbed in some crazy attempt at variety?
An eclectic mix certainly, but lacking on anything pre-1950… I guess all my viewing is stuck in certain eras and genres. I’m hardly ecumenical when you think about it—and very much learn to subject matter best covered with a blanket marked, “Weirdness.”
But did watching this stuff help me intellectually and creatively—like I know my reading this month did—or did all these screenings just waste time, and worse, fill me with a horrible regret? What the hell am I talking about?