Friday, November 4, 2022

Roger Corman and His Search for Legalized Spiritual Development: A Review of "The Man With Kaleidoscope Eyes" by Tim Lucas

A book I’m proud to own—and am sure that I will reread soon—The Man With Kaleidoscope Eyes by Tim Lucas cannot be recommended enough. 

Ostensibly the “Making of” Roger Corman’s 1967 cult/camp classic The Trip, this is a Non-Fiction Novel about one of America’s greatest and weirdest artists at a crucial juncture in his life, trying to solve a personal spiritual crisis, and doing so through art, friendship, and serious mind-bending drugs. 

Featuring a cast of highly recognizable characters (I mean, they are movie stars), often sidesplittingly funny, and with a fabulous, perfect ear for dialogue, The Man With Kaleidoscope Eyes recreates the time and place magically. It’s easy enough to imagine this being lensed in that delicious late-1960s Technicolor, the type where neon at night simply crackles, and everything is just a tad grainy—but that graininess on the edges? It’s perfect when you’re entering the realm of describing the LSD experience…

Released in Spring 2022, the book is published in the UK by Electric Dreamhouse/PS Publishing, and is available in the U.S. via mail-order (through the usual suspects). 

Buy it now! 

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