Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Psychedelic Conspiracy: COVID Collage Hijinx (and my personally designed T-shirts—sort of…)

 March 3, 2021

Jeez, unemployment and COVID social distancing/isolation has driven me KEE-RAY-Zeeeeeee; some of my creative outlets were criticized mercilessly, and I was quite depressed for a while. Jumpstarting my creativity, I’ve been making collages and designing T-shirts—I’ve been literally ITCHING with the desire for retail therapy—but why buy T-shirts when I have enough already? Any I’ve gotten tired of advertising for someone else…

So thanks to the awesome fellows at Maximum Graphics (on Amsterdam Avenue), I started creating my own shirts. 

Before plunging into my portfolio, some reading suggestions:

If you want some reading, here’s something I wrote about BIGFOOT; here’s something about ATLANTIS; here’s something about BIG THINKERS; and here’s something about GREAT SCI-FI MOVIES—all written by yours truly, albeit sans byline. 

Trying to bust a move, and increase the creative output—but the Nightmare Dreamscape That Traps Us All Right Now has put the kibosh on genuine, serious, steady output. Sometimes I want to just curl us and sleep for ten-thousand years…

Kinda surprised, though, that I haven’t gained as much weight as I thought I would under the circumstances. 

Enjoy the slideshow—trip out, kiddo!

You can see the heavy influence of Jack Kirby, and other trippy/kozmik 1970s weirdness…

Turned this one (below) into a T-shirt!

This (below) is the back of another T-shirt…

…and this (below) is another design for the back of a shirt (a tribute to my DJ-ing days, now long gone, and sorely missed—but pretend The Plague isn’t happening, and I’m DJ-ing in a delightful dive bar…and these images are being projected on the walls! Bwah-hah-hah!).

Images swiped from ALL OVER the intertubes; THANK YOU to the various sites and individuals whose work I’m appropriating (especially Jack Kirby)—I’m not making any money, so all this creative thievery is for my better mental health. 

Admit nothing!

Blame others!

Claim victory!

Brush regularly!

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